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NEW OFFICE at CrossFit Willow Glen

245 Barnard Ave

San Jose, CA 95125




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Nick is doing one new thing every day for a year. Not your typical resolution...have a look at his dunking experience!

Fitness Wave body fat testing office at Crossfit willow glen!

We have a new home base! Thank you Audra and CrossFit Willow Glen for your partnership.

We will offer hydrostatic body fat testing, metabolic testing, and Vo2 sub max testing on site.

245 Barnard Ave

San Jose CA









    Body Fat test (single dunk) - $50

    Body Fat test (3 pack) - $99

    Metabolic test (RMR)- $50

    Dunk and RMR - $90

    Vo2 Sub Max - $120

    Dunk, RMR and Vo2 - $200

    Family pack (4 dunks) - $160

    Trainer pack (10 dunks) - $400

    CORPORATE RATES AND RENTAL RATES available. Please email for details.